diVaTyte™ FAQs


diVaTyte™ FAQs



What is diVaTyte™?

Are you exploring labial rejuvenation? diVaTyte™ FAQs will be answered here to put your mind at ease. For women experiencing diminished labial appearance and function, diVaTyte™ is a nonsurgical solution. diVaTyte™ also gives you minimal discomfort and downtime! This revolutionary procedure uses cutting-edge technology known as Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL). You won’t find HFL anywhere but in the Sciton laser therapies. diVaTyte™renews and restores your vaginal and labial health from the inside out.

Could diVaTyte™ be the solution for you?

If you have experienced any of the following, diVaTyte™could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Do any of these describe you?

  • I’ve had one or more vaginal childbirths.
  • My body is going through or has completed menopause.
  • I am on certain medications that cause hormone fluctuations.
  • I’ve undergone medical procedures known to deplete estrogen.
  • Labial laxity and vaginal looseness run in my family.

Responding positively to the above questions makes you a great candidate for diVaTyte™. Why? Vaginal childbirth causes stretching of the vaginal area. Hormonally, estrogen is a key component of vaginal health. But certain medications cause estrogen to take a huge dip. Menopause and the lack of estrogen causes skin laxity all over the body. The labia is no exception! Why not give the same attention to this area as the face and neck? If you’ve had certain medical procedures diVaTyte™could be what you’re looking for to regain your youthful vaginal health. Some women find that vaginal and labial looseness is just part of their genetic makeup. diVaTyte™ can help with all of these issues.

Is diVaTyte™ safe?

You are a savvy and educated woman. You can take comfort in knowing diVaTyte™is an FDA-cleared technology.

diVaTyte™ works with your body’s natural processes to return your youthful sensual self!

How does diVaTyte™ work?

This is the most common diVaTyte™ FAQ. diVaTyte™ uses Hybrid Fractional Laser technology to raise the temperature of vaginal tissue. It is precise and customized for your treatment. HFL heats the deepest layers of the vaginal skin where laxity begins. Your body in turn signals the natural remodeling process for healthy new collagen.

What can I expect with diVaTyte™?

diVaTyte™ is customizable to you. If you are looking for a mild to moderate improvement in labial laxity and looseness, diVaTyte™could be for you. If you want to steer clear of surgery, this is a great option.

What can I expect during diVaTyte™ treatment?

diVaTyte™ renews vaginal health from the inside out with HFL technology. HFL technology will be delivered in a sequence of rapid pulses. You’ll feel a gentle warming of the skin similar to the sensation of a massage. In about ten to twenty minutes, you’ll be done!

Women just like you:
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And how about after my treatments?

You may experience some slight pinkness of the treated area. There is minimal discomfort for most women after diVaTyte™treatments.

How long will results take with diVaTyte™?

Full diVaTyte™ treatment results can take up to four months. The procedure works with your own body’s natural healing process which takes anywhere from one to four months depending on your age and genetics.

How long after diVaTyte™ must I wait before resuming activities?

diVaTyte™is nonsurgical with minimal downtime and discomfort. You’ll be able to resume your normal activities soon after your treatments. Dr. Russo will go over a thorough post-treatment plan. Most women find they can get back to exercise, driving and even intimacy right away.

How many diVaTyte™treatments will I need?

The best news is that your diVaTyte™ treatments will be as individual as you are. Most women find that from one to three sessions is sufficient. However, the number of sessions you will need will depend upon your physical attributes, issues you are having and overall goals.