How Testosterone Supplements for Men Improve Your Sexual Health

Did you know that men’s sexual health encompasses many areas of a man’s overall well-being, not just the act of sex? Mood, weight and stamina are just a few areas that bring men, and their mates, to Dr. Russo to learn more about testosterone supplements for men. Imbalanced testosterone levels not only impact the man, they lower the quality of life of those around him. Because of this, testosterone supplements for men are often used to restore levels affected by age, medication or other factors. However, too much testosterone has side effects. Likewise, not enough drastically impacts quality of life across all spectrums. With that, testosterone supplements for men are most effective and safe when under the care of your trusted provider, not left to chance or self-treated.

Men’s Sexual Health: A Holistic View

When we hear “sexual health,” it’s natural to think of the act of sex. In men, sexual activity is on their minds even before puberty and lasts until death. In addition to physical sexual activity, sexual health encompasses physical, psychological and social factors. With all of these, testosterone is the main player behind the scenes.

Testosterone Drives Some of the Most Important Aspects of a Man’s Life, Throughout His Life:

  • Sexual desire and stamina
  • Healthy and stable fertility
  • Mood balance, especially anger and anxiety
  • Normal disbursement of belly fat
  • Strong cardiovascular health to prevent heart attacks and stroke

Puberty & Beyond

Testosterone levels begin to increase in males during puberty. Notice hairy armpits on your little boy? An Adam’s Apple forming? This is testosterone at work. With that, you also may see subtle mood changes. More irritability. A little more moodiness than usual. Testosterone keeps working at full force into a man’s childbearing years. In fact, it’s testosterone that is often at the root of male infertility, as it is responsible for mature sperm cells.

Middle Age

As men mature into the 40s, testosterone levels decrease. The physical changes of this usually appear as added weight in the mid-section. Male pattern baldness sets in, too. Physiological changes show up in lower energy levels. Some men experience depression or anxiety. Finally, the bedroom takes a hit. Low T is often responsible for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of spontaneous erection (as in at night) and lower sexual desire and stamina. In fact, many of these conditions are treated with other medications that carry side effects, when the root of the problem is testosterone imbalance.

5 Common Signs of Testosterone Imbalance: 

  • Changes in hair growth patterns (too much, too little, odd places)
  • Low muscle mass despite muscle training exercises
  • Sleep disturbances such as sleep apnea
  • Stubborn weight gain in the belly area
  • Mood changes: irritability, depression, anger, anxiety

In Later Years

Healthy testosterone levels are critical throughout a man’s life. In fact, the later years are some of the most rewarding you will have. Don’t let testosterone levels get in the way. Testosterone supplements for men help men and the ones who love them make the most of age 50 and beyond. Maintaining healthy testosterone levels will treat the root cause of many issues men face as they age that affect their entire circle.

5 Common Signs of Low Testosterone in Men Over Age 50:

  • Lower sexual desire
  • Decreased sexual stamina
  • Lack of sexual satisfaction or orgasm (anorgasma)
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low motivation for activities you once enjoyed

Are Testosterone Supplements Right for Me? 

If you or the man you love hasn’t been himself in some time, it could be testosterone imbalance. Getting testosterone levels checked here at Inner Beauty is one of the most basic, yet important, annual tests to make a habit. In fact, many issues are naturally treated by returning testosterone equilibrium. Depression, sexual issues, energy levels.

Here at Inner Beauty we trust BioTE® bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

Regain Testosterone Balance with BioTE®

BioTE® BHRT is a plant-derived hormone replacement therapy. Men and women look for alternatives to traditional hormone replacement therapy due to side effects like weight gain and cancer risks. BioTE® is a trusted name in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

bio-identical hormones

BioTE® is:

  • Safe: Plant-derived, individualized formulation.
  • Effective: Most patients begin to feel a difference in 7-10 days.
  • Simple: In the privacy of the office you will have a small pellet inserted about every 12 weeks.
  • Personalized: No cookie-cutter dosages. Based on your personal lab profile, Dr. Russo will individualize your treatment.

Guys, you are not alone. Begin an open discussion today with Dr. Russo to learn if testosterone supplements are right for you.