Supplemental Injections to
Improve metabolism and weight loss


Supplemental Injections to
Improve metabolism and weight loss


Supplemental Injections to Improve metabolism and weight loss

Slim Shot is an injection containing vital nutrients and fat-burning (Lipotropic) amino acids. Slim Shot revs up metabolism and can be given in weekly or monthly increments. For patients looking for weight loss, we advise giving the Slim Shot injections in weekly increments with a simple diet plan.

Slim shot contains:

Vitamins of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Vitamin C and amino acids of Choline, Methionine and Inositol.

Why B Vitamins and amino acids?

The crucial B vitamins are water soluble and essential to cell membrane integrity and metabolic pathway efficiency. These B vitamins also help maintain a higher energy level, especially B12, as well as an overall sense of well-being and better coping responses. The amino acids assist in fat burning and increasing metabolism. They also are important to liver, brain and eye function.

  • B1: B1 is also known as Thiamin. B1 is necessary for the production of cellular energy from the foods that we eat and also aids in the synthesis of DNA.
  • B2: Also known as Riboflavin, B2 is an essential building block for normal growth and development. B2 also helps with antioxidant activity in the body and is needed for cellular energy production.
  • B3: B3 is also known as Niacin and supports hundreds of chemical reactions in the body. These include fatty acid synthesis and cellular energy production.
  • B5: B5 is also known as Pantothenic Acid and, along with B3, helps to support fatty acid synthesis and cellular energy production in the body.


  • B6: B6 is also known as Pyridoxine and is involved in over 100 cellular reactions in the body. B6 is needed to metabolize amino acids and glycogen and is also necessary for normal nervous system, hormone and red blood cell function.


  • B12: Also known as Cobalamin, B12 is essential to the role of cellular energy. B12 is also necessary for DNA synthesis and red blood cell formation and it aids in maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Slim Shot also contains vitamin C and amino acids of choline, methionine and inositol.

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid and is essential to form and maintain bones, blood vessels, and skin. This important vitamin also helps produce collagen and is a powerful antioxidant that protects against bacterial and viral infections.


  • Choline: A macronutrient, choline is important for liver function, normal brain development, nerve function, muscle movement, maintaining a healthy metabolism and supporting healthy energy levels. Choline helps with methylation and helps with detoxification of the body.
  • Methionine: This amino acid has a fat-dissolving effect in that it reduces the disposition of fat in the liver. Methionine also aids in the formation of cartilage and helps strengthen nails and reduce hair loss.


  • Inositol: Inositol is a precursor for phospholipids which are imperative for the nutrient transport within and between cells. Inositol and choline work together to prevent fatty buildup in the liver and heart, promote healthy hair growth, help with metabolism of other nutrients, and help with nerve transmissions.

B12 deficiency receives a great deal of public attention. Here are the most common causes and symptoms of this pervasive condition.

B12 deficiency

What are the causes of B12 deficiency?

1. Pernicious Anemia

2. Immune disorders such as Crohn's Disease

3. Strict vegan diet

4. Prescription medications known to inhibit the absorption of B12 such as Metformin and the class of drug known as SSRIs

5. Genetic disorders that block or reduce the full absorption of B12

What are the symptoms of B12 deficiency?

One of the most common symptoms of low B12 is constant fatigue. Among others are:

1. Shortness of breath

2. Pale skin

3. Constipation or diarrhea

4. Muscle weakness or tingling

5. Mental impairment such as depression, anxiety or memory loss

6. Disturbed vision

7. Changes in tongue’s shape and appearance, ulcers

How can supplemental B12 help me?

B12 supplementation boosts metabolism and increases energy. Those looking for help in weight loss report B12 supplementation is a huge help in this effort. For overall health B12 supplementation can help in mental acuity, muscle, bone and hair improvement and overall cell and brain health.

Other types of vitamin deficiencies and treatments at Inner Beauty Medical

Vitamin D

A hormone produced by the kidneys, vitamin D helps control the concentration of calcium in the blood. Vitamin D is vital for the development of strong bones. However, it also has several other benefits:

1. Improved bone health

2. Lowered risk of developing diabetes

3. Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease

4. Lower blood pressure

5. Improved mood

6. Neurological protection

7. Improved cognitive function

8. Helps to slow down/prevent risks of certain cancers

It is a common misconception that vitamin D is acquired from sunlight. However, sunlight initiates the production of vitamin D in the body. Due to the inadequate amounts of vitamin D in our food and exposure to sunlight, there has been an increased number of people who suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency affects approximately 40% of Americans. That number increases in the darker ethnicities being as high as 82% in the African American population.

Main causes of vitamin D deficiency:

1. Strict vegan diet

2. Diet low in fish or milk

3. Very limited sun exposure, as sunshine is the main source of vitamin D

Did you know? Vitamin D deficiency can be hard to recognize as many symptoms are vague.

Top signs and symptoms pointing to vitamin D deficiency:

1. Chronic fatigue and tiredness

2. Hair and bone loss

3. Impaired wound healing

4. Muscle pain

Supplementing with vitamin D

Correcting vitamin D deficiency is very straightforward. Here at Inner Beauty we will confirm the diagnosis with thorough testing. Then, we design a tailored treatment regimen to level your vitamin D. The effects offer great relief with a return to your normal energy level and relief of muscle pain for those sufferers. Overall, vitamin D supplementation aids in cell health for improved skin, hair, bone and central nervous system regularity. Vitamin D is best absorbed and utilized when used in conjunction with Vitamins A & K. BioTE® ADK is specially formulated to deliver the right amounts of each to aid in absorption to maximize results.

Iodine Deficiency

Iodine deficiency is extremely common in our country. Our bodies do not produce iodine on their own and so we rely on diet. Many foods in the U.S. have been stripped of iodine and replaced with halogens like bromide fluoride which compete for iodine absorption. Iodine is crucial to thyroid function and impairment of the thyroid leads to a whole host of serious health problems.

What are some symptoms of iodine deficiency?

1. Goiter

2. Hypothyroidism

3. Pregnancy-related issues: insufficient iodine levels in pregnant women have been linked to miscarriage, mental retardation of newborns as well as physical and mental congenital defects.

Iodine supplementation

Here at Inner Beauty Medical we will confirm your iodine deficiency through a urine test. Once confirmed, a supplementation plan will be implemented to regain healthy iodine levels. If additional hypothyroidism treatment is warranted we will explore those options together. Iodine works best in supporting the thyroid when used in conjunction with zinc and selenium. BioTE® Iodine Plus supplement contains all three essential vitamins.