3 Most Common Vaginal Problems Women Face

common vaginal problem

Common Vaginal Problems Ah, the complex vagina. In general, a powerful source of joy. A main freeway that ushers newborns into the world. A connector in times of intimacy. But what about when things aren’t right? Common vaginal problems tie us all together. And, big or small they put a damper on life. Affect relationships.…

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Hyperthyroidism Symptoms

hyperthyroidism symptoms

We’ve covered the signs of hypothyroid – an underactive thyroid. But what about a thyroid that’s working overtime? Hyperthyroidism symptoms range from subtle to prevalent and from energy levels to physical appearance. Today we’ll cover hyperthyroidism symptoms, what to look for and what to do if this is you or someone you love. Thyroid disorders…

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Hypothyroid Symptoms

hypothyroidism treatment

Is it Hypothyroid? A Look at Hypothyroid Symptoms Underactive thyroid is very common. In fact, 1 in 5 women will have it by age 60. But, hypothyroid symptoms are often vague. With that, hypothyroidism gets misdiagnosed or not caught at all. Further, hypothyroid symptoms often mask themselves as unrelated depression or fatigue. This leads to…

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Pelvic Floor Disorder

pelvic floor disorder

About 1 in 4 women will have a pelvic floor disorder during her lifetime. Further, projections estimate up to 5 million women will have this condition by 2050. What is pelvic floor disorder? What are the signs? More importantly, what are the treatments? Learn more about spotting pelvic floor disorder and treatments that fit your…

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