Can Testosterone Cause Weight again?

low testosterone

If you’ve put on some pounds in the last year you may be wondering what’s at the root of it. You haven’t changed your eating habits. You’re at the gym on a regular basis. Still, the number on the scale continues to rise. Weight gain is caused by many factors for both men and women.…

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Aging Male Athletes and Testosterone

Aging male athletes and testosterone Guys, if you struggle with endurance and stamina in your sports, listen up. It could be testosterone. Aging male athletes know this challenge all too well. For runners, swimmers, weightlifters and others, hormone imbalance wreaks havoc on their performance. This is especially true in sports that require endurance, the culprit…

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4 Top Questions Answered About Testosterone

Whats the big deal about testosterone? You’re probably reading a lot about testosterone therapy these days. And maybe you’re wondering what the big deal is. First off, testosterone is known as the male hormone. Your body produces it naturally, right? And too much of it gets a bad rap. Road rage, anger management and so…

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