Cervical Health Awareness Month


Cervical Health Awareness Month: Education for Women and Men  Cervical Health Awareness Month is in January. This is the time to bring awareness to upper cervical health. Learn more about cervical health screenings. Take part in spreading the word on overall cervical health. The US Congress designated Cervical Health Awareness Month to shine light on one of the most…

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Menopause, estrogen and breast cancer risk

cancer risk factors

Menopause, Estrogen and Breast Cancer Risk Breast cancer risk factors vary greatly. When you consider age, family history and your own health history it can be hard to be clear where you stand with your risk. But, one breast cancer risk factor that’s crystal clear is traditional oral hormone replacement therapy after menopause. Traditional oral…

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Breast Cancer and BioTE®

Breast cancer and hormone therapy is a topic women are exploring more and more. For prevention, treatment and in cancer survivors, hormones play an important role in the female body. But, traditional hormone replacement therapy significantly increases the risk of breast cancer. Because hormones like estrogen and testosterone are crucial across all stages of a…

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