Fast Facts About Normal Thyroid Levels

thyroid awareness month

What Your Need to Know About Normal Thyroid Levels  January shines light on a body part that often goes overlooked: the thyroid. Small but mighty. Normal thyroid levels keep many important bodily functions running smoothly. From digestion to temperature, normal thyroid levels are at the root of balance. Let’s discuss the facts for Thyroid Awareness Month!…

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The Scoop on Folate vs. Folic Acid

folic acid awareness

January is Folic Acid Awareness Month. But, when you look at folate vs. folic acid it’s pretty easy to get confused. Is folate the same as folic acid? What are good sources of folic acid? Let’s clear up the confusion between folate vs. folic acid. We’ll also help you understand the difference between the two.…

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Hyperthyroidism Symptoms

hyperthyroidism symptoms

We’ve covered the signs of hypothyroid – an underactive thyroid. But what about a thyroid that’s working overtime? Hyperthyroidism symptoms range from subtle to prevalent and from energy levels to physical appearance. Today we’ll cover hyperthyroidism symptoms, what to look for and what to do if this is you or someone you love. Thyroid disorders…

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Hypothyroid Symptoms

hypothyroidism treatment

Is it Hypothyroid? A Look at Hypothyroid Symptoms Underactive thyroid is very common. In fact, 1 in 5 women will have it by age 60. But, hypothyroid symptoms are often vague. With that, hypothyroidism gets misdiagnosed or not caught at all. Further, hypothyroid symptoms often mask themselves as unrelated depression or fatigue. This leads to…

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Pelvic Floor Disorder

pelvic floor disorder

About 1 in 4 women will have a pelvic floor disorder during her lifetime. Further, projections estimate up to 5 million women will have this condition by 2050. What is pelvic floor disorder? What are the signs? More importantly, what are the treatments? Learn more about spotting pelvic floor disorder and treatments that fit your…

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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

pelvic floor therapy

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy? Pelvic floor physical therapy is a type of non-invasive rehabilitation to address and treat many common women’s health conditions. Dr. Russo has a team of physical therapists at Athletico Physical Therapy who work with her patients. Read on, and if you suffer from any of these conditions and would…

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B12 for weight loss

b12 lipotropic injections

Can B12 lipotropic injections help you lose weight? B12 deficiency is common and lingering. It makes you feel crappy. But also hinders your get up and go. And, with the holiday season on the horizon more women want to feel and look their best. Parties. Events. Photo opps. Maybe you want to drop a little…

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What are vaginal tightening pills and are they safe?


Are you looking to tighten your vaginal walls? This is no joke but some of the remedies you find may make you laugh. We’re in what some call a “vagina renaissance.” Miss V has never been more in the limelight! With that, there are a multitude of products available to tighten vaginal walls. Of those,…

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Aging Male Athletes and Testosterone

Aging male athletes and testosterone Guys, if you struggle with endurance and stamina in your sports, listen up. It could be testosterone. Aging male athletes know this challenge all too well. For runners, swimmers, weightlifters and others, hormone imbalance wreaks havoc on their performance. This is especially true in sports that require endurance, the culprit…

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BioTe Pellet Therapy Use in Competitive Fitness

Competitive fitness athlete? BioTE® pellet therapy can help you keep your edge This month, Dr. Russo began 4 competitive fitness athletes on new regimens of BioTE® pellet therapy. Both men and women! Why is this? How can BioTE® pellet therapy help you stay on top? BioTE® pellet therapy is an exciting bio-identical hormone replacement therapy…

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