Can Testosterone Cause Weight again?

low testosterone

If you’ve put on some pounds in the last year you may be wondering what’s at the root of it. You haven’t changed your eating habits. You’re at the gym on a regular basis. Still, the number on the scale continues to rise. Weight gain is caused by many factors for both men and women.…

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Questions to Ask Your Hormone Specialist

hormone specialist

A hormone specialist is a highly trained medical provider credentialed in treating hormone health and imbalance. Knowing the right questions to ask your hormone specialist is a critical part of your journey to balance. Achieving this hormone balance is important for a high quality of life. More than that, though, adequate hormones in your bloodstream protect your…

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Hormone Imbalance Checklist for Symptoms

Both women and men experience hormone imbalance. It happens at any age and stage. But, symptoms of hormone imbalance often mask as other issues. A hormone imbalance checklist is helpful to know what’s normal and what needs addressing. Hormone imbalance goes way beyond mood. It’s also linked to serious diseases like diabetes, heart disease and…

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HRT not Associated with VTE


New Research on Hormone Replacement Therapy and Blood Clots  A recent study in the British Medical Journal shows new findings in the association between hormone replacement therapy and blood clots. Some forms of HRT are not causing VTE (Venous Thromboembolism). Specifically, subdermal HRT is now shown to have no risk for VTE. This is great…

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What is Vaginal Rejuvenation and Does it Work?

what is vaginal rejuvenation

Read online media and “vaginal rejuvenation” is a hot topic. Social media, blogs, women’s (and men’s) forums all make mention of this fascination. But what is vaginal rejuvenation? And what really works? For sure, vaginal rejuvenation is not something to try at home. Definitely not a ladies night. Let’s dive into the question of “what is vaginal…

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Can Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men Help Symptoms of Aging?

hrt men

Can BioTe® Help Symptoms of Male Aging?  Male menopause (andropause) is a real condition. With that, men have hormone imbalance just as women do. But the symptoms sometimes show up differently in men. Hormone replacement therapy for men is often an option. However, many men opt out of traditional hormone replacement therapies. Too many reported side effects.…

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