Can Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men Help Symptoms of Aging?

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Can BioTe® Help Symptoms of Male Aging? 

Male menopause (andropause) is a real condition. With that, men have hormone imbalance just as women do. But the symptoms sometimes show up differently in men. Hormone replacement therapy for men is often an option. However, many men opt out of traditional hormone replacement therapies. Too many reported side effects. Weight gain and moodiness. Just a few of the side effects of traditional hormone replacement therapy in men that can make life harder than it was in the first place. 

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Common Symptoms of Male Aging 

Symptoms that call for hormone replacement therapy in men are very often ignored. When they are recognized, they go misdiagnosed. In fact, millions of men receive prescription medications for conditions for which the root cause is hormone imbalance. Hormone replacement therapy for men with BioTE® BHRT treats the root cause of many issues. BioTE® uses plant-based derivatives that are chemically identical to the important hormones that naturally occur in our bodies but are lost in the aging process. 

What are the most common symptoms of male aging?

Symptoms Others May See:


Are you overly tired even when you have had enough rest?


Do you have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep?  

Weight Gain

When exercise or diet is the same but you have unexplained weight gain it could be hormone imbalance. 

Sexual Changes

Changes in the bedroom could mean a lack of desire, decrease in sexual performance, inability to maintain an erection or lack of orgasm. This is usually one of the top symptoms that leads a man or his partner to seek treatment. It’s also one of the most often misdiagnosed conditions with many prescriptions for Erectile Dysfunction medications written every year.  

Depression and Anxiety

Depression in men shows up differently than in women. Depression in men may look like irritability or brain fog. Like depression, anxiety in men manifests differently many times than it does in women. Men with anxiety may lash out or seem overly cranky.  

Symptoms at Work on the Inside


Men with untreated hormone imbalance are at a higher risk of diabetes. Hormones are at play and there is definitely a synergy that takes place. As insulin is a critical hormone, when other hormones are off balance, it will affect the overall system. Get educated on the symptoms of diabetes resulting from hormone imbalance.  

Low Muscle Mass

When you work out like you always have but still cannot maintain solid muscle mass, it may mean hormone imbalance. You will notice low muscle mass in your appearance but also in stamina and ability to complete routine physical tasks. 

Heart Disease

Hormone imbalance in men is a risk factor for heart disease, too. Hormones play a vital part in cardiac health. Learn the common symptoms associated with heart disease so you can spot them early. 


Osteoporosis in women gets a lot of attention. But it’s very common in men, too. Achieving hormonal balance puts men in a better position to maintain adequate bone density and health and ward off osteoporosis. Symptoms of osteoporosis are not visible. For that reason, it is often diagnosed after an injury. Get in front of this pervasive condition.  

Low Testosterone

“Low T” is a common issue for men as they age. Low T is confirmed through lab work that is performed here in the office. Symptoms of Low T include increased weight gain in the belly region, low sex drive and low mood. BioTe® naturally restores lost testosterone with plant-based hormones chemically identical to the hormones produced in the body.  

Hormone imbalance in men is real.  
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