Questions to Ask Your Hormone Specialist

hormone specialist

A hormone specialist is a highly trained medical provider credentialed in treating hormone health and imbalance. Knowing the right questions to ask your hormone specialist is a critical part of your journey to balance. Achieving this hormone balance is important for a high quality of life. More than that, though, adequate hormones in your bloodstream protect your…

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Hormone Imbalance Checklist for Symptoms

Both women and men experience hormone imbalance. It happens at any age and stage. But, symptoms of hormone imbalance often mask as other issues. A hormone imbalance checklist is helpful to know what’s normal and what needs addressing. Hormone imbalance goes way beyond mood. It’s also linked to serious diseases like diabetes, heart disease and…

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Can Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men Help Symptoms of Aging?

hrt men

Can BioTe® Help Symptoms of Male Aging?  Male menopause (andropause) is a real condition. With that, men have hormone imbalance just as women do. But the symptoms sometimes show up differently in men. Hormone replacement therapy for men is often an option. However, many men opt out of traditional hormone replacement therapies. Too many reported side effects.…

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3 Most Common Vaginal Problems Women Face

common vaginal problem

Common Vaginal Problems Ah, the complex vagina. In general, a powerful source of joy. A main freeway that ushers newborns into the world. A connector in times of intimacy. But what about when things aren’t right? Common vaginal problems tie us all together. And, big or small they put a damper on life. Affect relationships.…

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What type of incontinence do I have?


Types of Incontinence Incontinence is a real issue. Putting your finger on the kind you have is tricky. Types of incontinence vary. Changes in anatomy. Hormone changes. Stress and trauma. Prostate health. All of these factors play a part in types of incontinence. Knowing what you’re dealing with is the first step to getting the…

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Difference Between Vaginal Rejuvenation and Labiaplasty

Vaginal Procedures: What’s the Difference Between Vaginal Rejuvenation and Labiaplasty? Vaginas are getting more attention than ever. Advances in vaginal procedures and heightened media coverage lead more women to seek enhancements to their vaginal health. It’s a sensitive topic, too. With so much news around the options it’s downright overwhelming. Creams, pills, lasers and scalpels…

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What are signs of hormone imbalance in teenage females?


Puberty brings about many changes. Hormone fluctuations are common as young girls experience their periods every month. So, while mood swings and cramps become the norm, sometimes there are signs of a lingering hormone imbalance. What are signs of hormone imbalance in teenage females? There are 3 Main Signs of Hormone Imbalance in Teenage Girls…

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It’s all in Your Head

You work out. Eat right. Get your recommended sleep. Taking care of yourself in every area. But when it comes to pain are you listening to your body? And is your doctor? Even with today’s medical advances doctors are being trained in some ways to misdiagnose or brush aside pain in women. Thousands of women…

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The Sexual RevOlution Continues

The sexual health revOlution continues Think about the lives of women before the 1960s and it’s shocking. Just in the area of sexuality, our hands were tied. Not in a playful, Fifty Shades of Grey way! All that changed with the Pill. The sexual health revolution began in 1960 as the first birth control pill…

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5 big moments in women’s health history

5 big moments in women’s health history We are wrapping up Women’s History Month! In women’s health, huge strides have been made over the decades.  From birth control to gender equality, the race continues. Let’s take a quick look at 5 top moments in women’s history that moved the needle for women’s health. #1 1849: Ode…

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