The Sexual RevOlution Continues

The sexual health revOlution continues

Think about the lives of women before the 1960s and it’s shocking. Just in the area of sexuality, our hands were tied. Not in a playful, Fifty Shades of Grey way! All that changed with the Pill. The sexual health revolution began in 1960 as the first birth control pill was born. For the first time, women had control over their bodies in a new way. A pretty important one too. Fertility. Suddenly, with a little pharmaceutical ingenuity, women had control of the growth of their family and of their bodies.

So ushered in a sexual health revolution that continues today.

The pleasure principle

Fertility is important, no doubt. Aside from procreation, sexual activity serves many purposes. Orgasm for a big one. Sexual pleasure has historically been reserved and publicized for men for decades. Openly discussed and promoted as necessary for guys. But a luxury for gals. The Big O is still often swept under the rug. Or under the sheets as it were.  But why? The renewed sexual health revolution is changing the conversation.

First, from a purely physiological standpoint, getting to Big O results in better blood flow. And so enhanced cardiovascular health. But while our bodies were designed to get there, it’s not that easy sometimes. Many roadblocks can present themselves. Psychological and physical stuff gets in the way. Body image throws a curve. There are life’s little and big stressors. A lot of barriers can keep women from reaching orgasm. Most can be overcome with open communication between your doctor and your partner. The benefits of orgasm in women are much more than physiological. They are emotional, physical and more. For example,  for sufferers of chronic pain orgasm provides significant relief. Mood also gets a boost from the release of endorphins. Need a bit more convincing?

Here are a few more benefits:

  1. Relieves stress: a natural way to manage life’s triggers
  2. Physical connection: to him, her or yourself: humans are made to connect
  3. Energizing: put those running shoes on!
  4. Boosts brain activity: we can all use this. Your boss will thank you!


One of the biggest advances in sexual health is the O-shot. If you’re one of the thousands of women who have trouble reaching orgasm, the O-shot is worth exploring. First, it works! Second, it’s done in the office. Private. Discreet. Third, it’s noninvasive with no side effects. Isn’t it time to take charge of your sexual health? There’s never been a better time to become a part of the female sexual revolution.

Begin with an honest conversation with Dr. Russo to learn more about the O-shot today.