What are vaginal tightening pills and are they safe?


Are you looking to tighten your vaginal walls? This is no joke but some of the remedies you find may make you laugh. We’re in what some call a “vagina renaissance.” Miss V has never been more in the limelight! With that, there are a multitude of products available to tighten vaginal walls. Of those, vaginal tightening pills are gathering a following. But are these safe? Do they even work? How do they work? Let’s get the skinny on Viagra’s little sister, the vaginal tightening pill.

Why a Vagina Becomes Loose in the First Place

Backing up, let’s take a look at why you find yourself researching tricks and tips to tighten vaginal walls. Know that vaginal looseness, known as vaginal laxity, is very common. You are not alone. And it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Pregnancy puts physical pressure on the vagina. 40 weeks of carrying a baby. This has an impact on the tightness of the vagina. So, even if you’ve had a C-section delivery, vaginal laxity is a possibility. But, for women who have vaginal childbirths, especially multiple ones, vaginal laxity is a problem. Finally, hormone changes during menopause are another big reason for vaginal wall changes.

Vaginal laxity leads to lack of pleasure during sex for both partners as well as lack of sensation.

It’s one of the biggest intimate issues facing women and couples today.

Are Vaginal Tightening Pills For Real?

You’re one of the millions of women dealing with vaginal laxity. Or, maybe you’re looking to help your partner and relationship. You stumble upon vaginal tightening pills. “Are these pills for real”, you ask? The simple answer is no. Vaginal tightening pills are not something you want to try. And, it’s important to be careful who and what walks through the front door of one’s vagina, anyway. But, let’s take an inner peak at why vaginal tightening pills are not your best option.

What are 2 Main Reasons Vaginal Tightening Pills Don’t Work?

The goal is to improve muscle tone:

The vaginal wall is connected to the pelvic floor muscles. Stress during the childbearing years weakens these muscles. Hence the loose vagina you feel. Since muscle tone is a key component here, strengthening those muscles either through exercise or safe, proven vaginal laxity treatment – or even both of these – is the only long term way to tighten your vaginal wall. Vaginal pills contain herbs and astringents. Think Sea Breeze on your face. Vaginal pills cause constriction to the superficial layers of the tissue. Not the extensive muscular system of the vaginal wall. Even with that constriction, it’s short term. Not the long term solution you need to resolve vaginal laxity.

Pelvic floor physical therapy is very effective in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to provide long term relief that treats the root of the problem. Dr. Russo’s team of physical therapists specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction treating with a holistic approach at Athletico Physical Therapy.


Like we said, a lot of items knock on your door. Toys, pills, creams and people. But be careful what you let in. Your vagina is a sacred place. Let’s be honest. It’s going to bring you some of the best moments of your life – at any age. So why give anything access to it? The long term safety and effectiveness of vaginal tightening pills is not proven nor researched. Furthermore, not only are they not proven safe for you, there’s your partner. Herbs and spices are great for a rotisserie chicken. Yum! But let’s leave them to the dinner plate.

What You Can Do

Inner Beauty has safe and proven vaginal laxity treatments you need to check out. diVa®, O-Shot, BioTE BHRT and pelvic floor physical therapy. Dr. Russo will give you a personalized consultation to see which is right for you. All researched, all proven and all safe. Give us a call today!

Resolve vaginal laxity the right way: schedule your private consultation today.