BioTe Pellet Therapy Use in Competitive Fitness

Competitive fitness athlete? BioTE® pellet therapy can help you keep your edge

This month, Dr. Russo began 4 competitive fitness athletes on new regimens of BioTE® pellet therapy. Both men and women! Why is this? How can BioTE® pellet therapy help you stay on top? BioTE® pellet therapy is an exciting bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) without the cumbersome side effects of traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). There are 2 big issues hormone imbalance can cause for athletes. If you’re making a living at looking, feeling and performing your best, these are game changers.

It’s important to note that both men and women need estrogen, testosterone and a wide array of hormones all in balance to stay in peak shape mentally and physically.

Hormone havoc

Why would we need BHRT in the first place? Hormones help us stay vital and active as we age. But that’s not all. Hormones also protect us from certain forms of cancer and osteoporosis. For men and women, level changes in estrogen and testosterone cause problems from head to toe and in between. Hot flashes, mood swings and weight fluctuations all make the list. Hormones are equal opportunity! Men suffer too. Andropause, the guy’s menopause, causes the same sorts of problems. BHRT is sought after by the premenopause set as well. Certain medical conditions and procedures cause varying hormone levels. For competitive fitness athletes, let’s take a look at 2 big hits and how BioTE® pellet therapy can help.

#1: Low muscle mass

Low testosterone (Low T) makes maintaining and building muscle mass extremely hard. The higher the muscle mass, the easier it is to keep a low body fat level. Men and women need therapeutic levels of testosterone. For competitive fitness athletes, this becomes even more important. Testosterone is an anabolic hormone that helps us build and repair our bodies. So, if you have low T you’re likely losing muscle mass even if you’re eating the same amount of calories each day. Low T is also associated with decreased insulin levels. Have Low T and you’ll likely crave more carbohydrates due to insulin flux. This insulin decrease means the carbs you eat are more likely to get stored as fat and less likely to get stored as glycogen in the cells of your muscles and organs. More muscle fatigue, more weight gain. No fun!

The BioTE® pellet therapy solution

A BioTE® therapy pellet regimen with your ideal dosage of testosterone and estrogen will achieve hormone balance. Insulin levels will level out and your body can return to its natural ability to maintain weight and muscle mass both in the active and recovery stages.

#2: Low T and low ZZZZ’s

Hormone imbalance is going after your good night’s sleep. Drops in estrogen, low testosterone and the sleep-promoting hormone, progesterone, cause disruptions in sound sleep. Fluctuations in these hormones in both men and women make you more susceptible to symptoms of stress and hot flashes, making it tough to initiate or maintain a restful sleep. For the competitive fitness athlete (heck, for all of us!) insomnia needs to be managed. Sleep is when our bodies go to work effectively repairing connective tissue and muscle. If you aren’t getting all of your needed ZZZZs, you’ll have a reduced ability to recover and train to your goals. Lack of quality sleep also increases your risk of injuries.

How can BioTE® pellet therapy help?

BioTE® pellet therapy has been shown to decrease hot flashes, anxiety and other mood issues associated with hormone imbalance. This usually translates to improved sleep and an overall improved sense of well being. Take this quick quiz to see if BioTE® pellet therapy may be right for you.

BioTE® pellet therapy is a simple in-office procedure you can easily work into your active schedule. No downtime and you’ll feel the effects a few days after pellet insertion. Hormone dosages are personalized to your specific needs.

Read more about BioTE® pellet therapy. You train hard. Don’t let hormone havoc derail your efforts.