Breast Cancer and BioTE®

Breast cancer and hormone therapy is a topic women are exploring more and more. For prevention, treatment and in cancer survivors, hormones play an important role in the female body. But, traditional hormone replacement therapy significantly increases the risk of breast cancer. Because hormones like estrogen and testosterone are crucial across all stages of a woman’s life span, breast cancer and hormone therapy is a delicate dance best handled by an expert in women’s health like Dr. Russo at Inner Beauty. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in the form of BioTE® pellet therapy offers hope and relief in a safer method than traditional hormone replacement therapy.

What role do hormones play in breast cancer?

Prevention: Breast Cancer and Hormone Therapy

Around the age of 40, women begin to lose testosterone through a normal decrease of production. Usually associated with sweaty teenage boys and muscle men, testosterone is very important for women, too. Healthy levels of testosterone prevent cell overgrowth in the breasts. So, when these levels drop and are not addressed it puts you at risk of breast cancer. In fact, one long term study found testosterone pellet therapy such as BioTE® pellet therapy reduced the risk of breast cancer in pre and post-menopausal women.

Treatment: Breast Cancer and Hormone Therapy

Of course, every woman is unique and her cancer journey will be, too. If you find your cancer treatments leave you feeling completely depleted, restoring hormone harmony helps. BioTE® pellet therapy is a safe option with compounded amounts that will work with your treatments in synergy, not against them. With that, you can have peace of mind. BioTE® pellet therapy is also easy to work into your life. Cancer is tough enough. Treatments dictate your schedule. Hormone therapy shouldn’t do that, too.

BioTE® pellet therapy takes just a few minutes every few months.

Cancer Survivors: Optimizing Hormones Safely

You’re a survivor. You deserve to live life to the fullest without worry. BioTE® pellet therapy is plant-based unlike synthetic hormones that increase your risk of cancer. You may find changes in some areas of your body after treatment. With BioTE®, these issues can be resolved and your hormone dosages will be compounded based on your specific needs and you’ll get only what your body needs. No worries.

Is BioTE® Right for Me?

Most women in the stage of perimenopause don’t even realize it until they just don’t feel like themselves most of the time. Do you have any of the following ongoing symptoms?

  • Severe fatigue without cause
  • Decreased vaginal health: vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, pain during sex
  • Low libido
  • Mood swings
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • “The blues” that won’t go away

If you’re over 40 and answered yes to the above it’s probably pre-menopause. Hormone imbalance touches almost every area of a woman’s life including increasing our risk of breast cancer. Protect yourself now and explore BioTE® during the early stages of menopause.

For women in breast cancer treatment or survivors of breast cancer, BioTE® pellet therapy gives effective, safe bio-identical hormones in just the right amounts, without the constant worry of long term side effects.

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