Living your life after cancer: Vaginal and sexual health

You have conquered cancer.  

 Now it’s time to recover from your fight. 

The same cancer-fighting surgeries and treatments that save lives can take a toll on overall health and your quality of life.  

After you’ve beaten cancer, you’re ready for everything about your life to get back to normal. But many health issues don’t end with your last day of treatment. The side effects of chemotherapy and radiation can affect the body for many months after treatment. For many women, these treatments, along with surgery and certain medications can cause premature menopause and all the life-altering symptoms that accompany this change. 

At Inner Beauty, we want your recovered life to be your best life.  Because you deserve the life you want – active, happy, well-rested, confident. We have a wide range of safe and effective therapies that can help with hormonal balance, physical health and sexual issues including a lowered sex drive.  


Premature menopause can be triggered by surgical removal of the ovaries, chemotherapy, radiation, and other medicines such as aromatase inhibitors.  

The drop in estrogen and other hormones can cause:  

  • Hot flashes and chills 
  • Loss of energy and motivation 
  • Night sweats 
  • Hormonal imbalances 
  • Vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy 
  • Burning in the vagina 
  • Urinary incontinence 
  • Sleep issues – too much or too little 
  • Cognitive impairment 
  • Mood swings 
  • Anxiety and/or depression 
  • Increased risk for osteoporosis 
  • Difficulty concentrating  

These symptoms more than momentarily uncomfortable or inconvenient; they can affect your everyday life, happiness, physical health and sexual function.  

Inner Beauty offers a range of treatments that are safe and effective, and beneficial to your health, confidence, and well-being. 


Cancer treatment can have a dramatic effect on vaginal health. At Inner Beauty, we offer state-of-the-art treatment to help you reclaim your beauty from the inside out. 

BioTE - Hormone replacement therapy is possible for many patients. Hormone pellet therapy offers a long-lasting, consistent introduction of hormones into the bloodstream. It’s always there when your body needs it, without the physical and emotional peaks and valleys that can accompany traditional hormone therapy.   

diVa vaginal rejuvenation laser therapy – This hormone-free treatment can help restore the vaginal tissues to their natural state when hormone therapy may be contraindicated due to a history of certain cancers like breast cancer. This treatment improves vaginal wall thickness, strength, and moisture for everyday comfort and improved sexual function. It has even been shown to help with minor to moderate urinary incontinence.  

O-Shot injections – This safe, tested treatment naturally stimulates the body’s ability to reach orgasm, increasing libido and freeing you to enjoy intimacy again. 

diVaTyte therapy – diVa Tyte repairs and improves the tone, texture, appearance, and sensitivity of the labia, which often feels lax due to estrogen imbalances during and after treatment.  

All of these treatments can help you recover your physical health, sense of well-being, and sexual confidence!  

Building the Battalion 

It can be difficult to seek help for these issues after you have finished cancer treatment. You may be tired of doctors and the medical setting. Or you may feel that in comparison to cancer, what you are experiencing after treatment is really “not so bad.” But you deserve to feel your best every day, whether that’s getting enough sleep, running at full energy or having the fulfilling sex life you want. 

Dr. Russo specializes in women’s health issues and can discuss all available options. We work with your oncologists and surgeons to ensure you are getting safe, complementary care at the right time.  

Living vibrantly means feeling self-confident and strong, and if you’re a survivor of ovarian cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, endometrial cancer, or other cancers, your fight was strong, amazing, and courageous. Take the life you have now and make it everything you want it to be! 

We at Inner Beauty provide our patients safe, effective solutions that will build on your progress toward better physical and mental health. We want you to reclaim your place in the world as the brave, ambitious, beautiful woman you are. 

Schedule a personal consultation with the expert team at Inner Beauty to and learn more about the many ways we can help restore your vaginal health and sexual confidence today!