4 Top Questions Answered About Testosterone

Whats the big deal about testosterone?

You’re probably reading a lot about testosterone therapy these days. And maybe you’re wondering what the big deal is. First off, testosterone is known as the male hormone. Your body produces it naturally, right? And too much of it gets a bad rap. Road rage, anger management and so on. It’s easy to see why men may not link testosterone to symptoms like weight gain or sleep problems. Women may altogether dismiss the notion. Turns out, treating the root cause of many conditions is tackled by managing testosterone levels. So let’s take a closer look as we answer your top questions about testosterone.

#1: Testosterone: what have you done for me lately?

Testosterone levels are so important that when they’re out of whack your whole life can take a beating. From bedroom activities to warding off chronic diseases, testosterone is a key player. If you or your partner are suffering from symptoms that just won’t go away, testosterone could be the culprit. In fact, symptoms of testosterone imbalance are so far reaching that they are many times treated with prescription medications for depression, anxiety, sleep and low sex drive. What if you could treat these symptoms naturally?

#2: Don’t men naturally produce enough testosterone?

It’s true testosterone takes center stage for men. It’s the hormone that turns that cute baby face into a 3 o’clock shadow with an Adam’s apple. And, yes, the male body is designed to produce these levels in adequate amounts. But with the changing hormonal systems of age, levels can fluctuate. Still, testosterone for men  will keep most areas of your life in check across the years. Trying to conceive? Testosterone levels play a part in sperm count and quality. Low sex drive? Could be testosterone. Can’t shed that extra weight even when you try? That’s likely your old friend, T.

#3: Why do women need testosterone?

Listen up, ladies. You need testosterone too. Ovaries produce estrogen and a small amount of testosterone. These levels wax and wane during menopause. Some medical conditions and treatments affect levels, too. Testosterone imbalance can seriously impact quality of life. “Brain fog?” Could be
testosterone! Low libido? Testosterone may be the missing link. And you probably work hard protecting your bones with diet and exercise. Don’t forget testosterone in that mix.

#4: How do I know?

If you or your partner is suffering from symptoms like brain fog, low libido, weight gain and more, it may be testosterone. Getting checked is easy! Dr. Russo can determine your testosterone levels through an in-office hormone blood test. From there, she’ll consult with you on the options that are the best fit for your life.

Get started living your best life with healthy testosterone levels.  Inner Beauty can help you reclaim your beauty from the inside out.