diVa Benefits You for Function and Recovery

Tackling 2 top diVa® questions

Still considering diVa®? There are a lot of questions, and we’re here to help. Two of the most common questions are around function and recovery with diVa®. Take a quick read to learn more about diVa® for functional improvement, and then give us a call to answer your questions.

diVa® and you: the Big 5

Vaginal rejuvenation is one of the leading nonsurgical procedures today. And why not? Our vaginal health deserves the same attention as other areas. But are you still wondering if this is the route for you? In general, there are five big reasons women put diVa® on their bucket list.

Do you have…

1. Vaginal laxity (looseness and loss of tone)?

2. Vaginal pain (especially during intercourse)?

3. Vaginal dryness?

4. Loss of nerve sensation?

5. Urinary incontinence?

Dr. Russo’s patients have this to say about how diVa® helped them.

diVa® helps function

If you’ve been reading up on diva®, you know the causes of the Big 5. These can wreak havoc on function and quality of life. diVa® helps restore function by jump-starting the body’s natural remodeling process using Hybrid Fractional Technology.

Relieve the Big 5 in under 5 minutes

Here’s how it works. From the inside out, your body can restore natural vaginal health in under 5 minutes with diVa®. Natural lubrication relieves that Sahara feeling. No more ouch during mojo time. Loss of sensation and looseness are alleviated. A real game changer for many women is relief of

incontinence. They get back to tennis, working out or just regular life without worry. All without surgery and minimal downtime.

What’s my recovery time?

Recovery from diVa® is simple. Since it’s nonsurgical and done in the office, you can resume your normal activities right away. It’s best to avoid intercourse for 48 hours and some women may experience a little discharge or spotting.

This quick video can tell you more.

Discover your inner diVa® from the inside out. It’s fast, easy and effective. Book your personal diVa® consultation today.