Does V-Tight Gel Work?

v tight gel
V-Tight Gel is another vaginal tightening remedy many women are asking about. Does V-Tight Gel work? A loose vagina is a top complaint of women from their 20s on up. It makes sex less pleasurable and causes relationship problems. It’s tempting to try a quick fix. Gels. Creams. Pills. V-Tight Gel is one such remedy we’ll get the skinny on here.

Why a Tight V Matters

Let’s keep it real. Most women want a tight vagina. But keeping it that way after pregnancy, childbirth and the effects of aging is a challenge. The synergy between the tightness of the vagina and the friction of your partner is what leads to pleasure during sex. With that, when it’s loose this is going to suffer. No way around it.

Vaginal tightness relies on muscle tone. Pelvic floor muscles are connected to the vaginal wall, also made up of layers of muscles. Heard of Kegel exercises? Flexing your vaginal muscles. Holding your pee? Flexing your vaginal muscles. It’s one of those little known facts that when reminded, you may think “oh yeah!” It’s this muscle tone that makes or breaks the tight vaginal walls important to optimal intimacy.

How Does V-Tight Gel Work?

It doesn’t. V-Tight gel is made of a natural astringent. If you use an astringent on your face during those oily times you know the effects. It tightens that area. But not permanently. In fact, you may find you get more oily after it wears off! So, how would an astringent help tighten your vagina? Let’s break it down.


Like we mentioned, vaginal laxity is a direct result of loss of muscle tone. Pelvic floor and vaginal wall. There’s no way around this. Applying a topical gel or cream doesn’t tone muscle. It’ll give a temporary constriction to superficial tissue. But not the tightening you’re looking for. It’s the vaginal wall muscle that grips during intimacy and leads to pleasure. So, V-Gel may or may not give you a quick tissue tightness but even if that, it’s temporary and won’t have a real impact on your pleasure or that of your partner.

Pelvic floor physical therapy is a very effective, scientifically proven means of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Our treatment plans are holistic, involving not only physical interventions but dietary as well.


There’s no solid science or safety regulation behind V-Tight Gel. Just testimonials off the street. Is that really what we want to have access to our most intimate area? No. We don’t know the side effects of V-Tight Gel. To you or your partner. The safety is a crapshoot. Save those odds for Vegas. Your vagina deserves more consideration than that. After all, she’s given you some of the most profound minutes and moments of your life. With more to come! At any age and stage you can look forward to intense pleasure with the right vaginal tightening choices.

What You Can Do: the Big 3

So if V-Tight Gel and other topicals are off limits, what’s a girl to do? Well, there are many safe and proven vaginal tightening treatments for you at Inner Beauty.


diVa® is an FDA-regulated vaginal rejuvenation procedure that has you in and out in 10 minutes. No downtime. Minimal discomfort. Using the power of the revolutionary HFL technology to jump start your body’s natural remodeling process.


Just like the name implies, get your groove back with the O-Shot®. Like diVa®, O-Shot® works with your body’s natural resources, blood platelets. This, too, is painless, quick and effective.


For women with hormone changes that lead to vaginal laxity, BioTE™ bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a plant-based system compounded just for you. From the inside out, BioTE™ replenishes the hormones that are lost with menopause and aging. Estrogen, testosterone and progesterone are important for vaginal suppleness and tone. Give your body back what it needs to restore that vaginal youthfulness naturally.

Ready to give your vagina the TLC she deserves? Book your private consultation today to explore a treatment that’s right for you.