How long before hormone pellets take effect?

With so much interest in BioTE® bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, we get asked a lot of questions. One of the most common is “how long before hormone pellets take effect?” Of course, men and women with hormone imbalance want to feel better. Be their best selves. As soon as possible! Thousands of people choose BioTE® BHRT because of the safety, effectiveness and ease of use. A relatively rapid onset of relief is another reason. 

Over the last decade, more and more people have sought alternatives to traditional hormone replacement therapies due to cumbersome or risky side effects. 

BioTE® is a bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) derived from natural, plant-based ingredients. Nearly a million people, men and women, have been successfully treated with BioTE® pellet therapy. The process is simple. Once lab work confirms the need, a BioTE® pellet will be inserted into your hip region during that visit, or you can come back for the insertion. Pellet insertion only takes a few minutes. Most patients begin to feel a big difference in seven to ten days after insertion. By contrast, traditional hormones take up to six months to have full effect. After that initial pellet insertion, simply return every three to six months for another pellet. If your hormone levels have changed the pellet can be adjusted, too. BioTE® pellet therapy is individualized to your needs.   

Most patients begin to feel a big difference in seven to ten days after insertion of their first BioTE® pellet, much less time than traditional hormone replacement therapy. 

Hormone Pellets in Men

For men, hormone imbalance is often overlooked. Men, just like women have it. But, the hormones at play are a little different. Testosterone is the dominant male hormone. This is what gives your little boy his hairy armpits and deeper voice. It is also what is behind the teen moodiness you may notice around the house. Way past these teen years as men age testosterone will wane since it is main role to the body is for sperm quality and production. With that, “Low T” leads to a wide variety of issues. Along with testosterone fluctuations, estrogen and progesterone dip in aging. Hormone pellet therapy with BioTE® is very helpful to men to regain their stamina, stable mood and overall wellness. However, it’s usually the partner that urges them to seek hormone treatment. Hormone imbalance in men is frequently chalked up to simple aging or misdiagnosed and treated with other medications. Men find, however, that once they start BioTE®  pellet therapy the onset of relief of symptoms makes it worth the visit.  

Hormone Pellets in Women 

Women are assertively seeking more natural solutions to hormone imbalance. Risk of side effects like weight gain and increased cancer risk leads women to choose BioTE® pellet therapy. Although men and women experience hormone flux with aging, women have historically been the ones to actively seek out therapy for it. Women are also welcomed to be more verbal about their symptoms. Moodiness, vaginal health decline and a general lower quality of life all can stem from simple hormone imbalance. For women, whatever stage of life, they find a simple, safe and proven solution in BioTE® pellet therapy without the side effects of traditional hormones. 

Getting Started 

If you suspect you have hormone imbalance, have your levels checked here at Inner Beauty. From there, Dr. Russo will discuss your options with you. BioTE® pellet insertion is simple, customized and you will begin to feel better usually within a week to ten days. Then simply return for another pellet insertion in three months. It is that easy! 

Give us a call to learn more and book your private consultation to see if BioTE® bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is right for you or your partner.