Do You Have Low Libido? Don’t Suffer!

There’s help for low libido

Libido. If just the word brings you down, take heart. Low libido is a very common problem. But it’s also very treatable. Whether this is something new you’re dealing with or a years-old affliction, read on to learn how to get Usher back in your mojo.

Low libido is equal opportunity

Men and women both deal with low libido. According to the numbers, about 36% of women and up to 80% of older men report it. Low libido can cause relationship issues. More importantly it affects sleep and overall well-being. A healthy desire can turn into low interest for many reasons. Take a look at the following list. Does this sound like you?

Some common causes of low libido

Pinpointing causes of low sex drive is tricky. Women are naturally more prone to environmental factors. These include:

● Stress

● Relationship issues

● Distractions

● Low self confidence

● History

How to Tackle the Problems

Tackling some of these can involve simple things like lifestyle changes. Stress management, exercise and a more calming environment are worth a try. Lighten the mood to heighten the mood. Beyond these there are also physiological factors that can put a hammer on libido:

Menopause: Low estrogen and testosterone can lead to low sex drive. Menopause also brings on hot flashes and mood swings which aren’t exactly aphrodisiacs. The good news is that hormone balance can be achieved in different ways that fit your lifestyle and goals.

Certain medications and medical conditions: If you have high blood pressure or arthritis, these are routine causes of low sex drive. A common side effect of some medications, such as SSRIs for depression, is low libido.

Men deal with low libido, too. Some causes include:

Certain medical conditions and medications: High blood pressure and neurological conditions can be to blame. The medications to treat those carry side effects of low sex drive, too. Read your side effect labels and have a frank discussion with your provider to find the root cause.

Age: Men deal with male menopause called andropause. The big hit the guys take is a drop in testosterone. Low T can cause a huge dip in sex drive. If you’re over 40 and think you’re dealing with Low T, getting checked is simple. It’s important outside of the bedroom too: healthy testosterone levels protect your heart and brain.

Reclaim your bedroom. Call us today to start the conversation on low libido.