Menopause and Bio-identical Hormones

Hot flashes, mood swings and stubborn weight gain are just three symptoms of menopause that throw a wrench into living your best life. But side effects of traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have many women looking for something more. Better. Safer. But without sacrificing effectiveness. Enter bio-identical hormones. What are bio-identical hormones? Here’s a look at a modern, natural approach to putting menopause in its place.

What are Bio-identical Hormones?

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) uses hormones compounded in a lab and sourced from natural plant-based ingredients. Bio-identical hormones replace hormones a woman’s body has stopped producing in adequate amounts. BioTE® BHRT uses strictly regulated, plant-based pellets individually designed for your specific needs. Compared to traditional hormones, BioTE® BHRT is a modern approach giving you a safe, effective treatment without the worrisome side effects associated with old-school HRT.

Menopause Stages and How BioTE® Can Help


Maybe you are just beginning menopause, known as perimenopause. Many women don’t even realize they’re going through this. Maybe you notice some brain fog and a lower sex drive. This is due to a slight dip in an important trio of hormones: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Perimenopause typically begins in the early to mid 40’s. It’s usually brought about with age. But, it can also be induced by medical conditions such as cancer and their corresponding treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. In perimenopause, BioTE® BHRT is a huge relief for women who need subtle replenishing of important hormones to feel good again.


You’re in full swing. Weight gain despite your normal active workout routine. Mood swings. Vaginal dryness. Hot flashes and night sweats. The minor dip in the Big 3 hormones has become a big drop as your ovaries slow their production. Most women will naturally enter full menopause in their 50s. It’s a rough period for many. BioTE® BHRT helps here with personalized compounding based on your specific needs. No cookie cutter approach. And, no worries with risks and side effects.


Once your periods stop altogether you’ll enter the stage known as post-menopause. The ovaries stop producing estrogen altogether. Though night sweats and hot flashes may subside, many women find the low sex drive lingers. Vaginal changes like dryness and atrophy are a problem too as estrogen is a major player in keeping this area fully functional. Treat symptoms of post-menopause with BioTE® BHRT for life. Dosages can be easily adjusted to match exactly what your body needs. Replace estrogen naturally to regain vaginal health, lubrication and sex drive.

BioTE®: A Partner for Life

Addressing all the stages of menopause with BioTE® BHRT is a natural, safe and effective way to replenish hormones your body needs. Begin now and doses can be easily adjusted and compounded as you move through life’s stages. The process is simple. Your hormone levels will be confirmed through strict lab tests ordered here at Inner Beauty. From there, your personalized pellet therapy will be compounded based exactly on what you need. Pellet insertion lasts just a few minutes. You’ll begin to feel better in just a few days. It’s so simple. Come back every 3 months for a new pellet at which time doses can be adjusted if needed.

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