What to Expect with BioTE® Treatment – Short and Long-Term


Hormone Treatment and BioTE® Pellet Therapy

Thinking about hormone treatment? Maybe you haven’t felt like yourself in so long it’s become your new normal to feel tired. Depressed. Disinterested. Well, you’re not alone. Hormone treatment is on the minds of men and women everywhere trying to reclaim their lives. Even so, traditional HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is not always an option. The hormone treatment your mom and grandma looked to for relief has side effects that take it off the table for a lot of people. Now, BioTE® hormone treatment is the choice of those looking for safe, proven alternatives. But what can you expect?

Today, we’ll help you understand what to expect with BioTE® treatment – short and long-term.

Short-term Changes

BioTE® pellets are inserted right here in the office. You’ll be back to your active routine right away, usually within a week. What changes can you expect to see short-term? Some patients notice they feel better within 48 hours of the first pellet insertion. It may take up to one or two weeks to begin feeling an overall difference. Greater energy level. A lighter overall mood. Symptoms of depression and anxiety lessen. Brain fog? Say so long. Clearer thinking makes life easier. Even physical coordination improves for many BioTE® patients. And remember those unpredictable hormone fluctuations your mom talked about? You won’t have those with BioTE® pellet therapy. Your therapy is personalized to your body’s needs. The pellets release the amount needed in steady doses. No swings, no sways. The only roller coasters you’ll experience are at your local amusement park!

That sounds great! But what can you expect long term with BioTE® hormone treatment?

Long-term Changes

One of the most comforting things about choosing BioTE® for many patients is the safety. BHRT is backed up by science. Because BioTE® pellets are structurally the same as the hormones your body produces anyway, they don’t carry the same risks associated with traditional HRT.

Your body and brain will thank you over time, too. Long-term, muscle mass will increase. Fatty tissue goes down. Patients notice increased strength over time. Physical performance improves. Has your hair been falling out? If you’ve suffered hair loss from hormonal imbalance, you may notice less hair loss. You may even see some new growth. For men and women, improvement in sex drive and stamina increases. This is great for any relationship!

Have more questions? I am here to answer any and all. Give us a call today!